1st Pillar

As things unfold I hope to reveal more pillars, or core foundations, for The HeartBEAT. However, right now I will start with the first & what I consider most important pillar-kindness. The EDM (Electronic Dance Music) culture centers a lot around a concept called P.L.U.R, which stands for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. This concept is all about acceptance, reaching out to others & letting people in, creating bonds with total strangers through the love of music, & putting everything else aside but these principles. When we respect others for who they are we learn to love them, & through that comes unity, & when everyone is living harmoniously all is at peace. Music can help people see past personal boundaries; when you realize that someone so different from you loves music so similarly it is mind blowing how eye opening it can be.

My challenge to everyone here is to take this positivity outside of just music festivals & certain scenes & spread it throughout the world. If we can love each other in one environment we should be able to do so anywhere at anytime. My friends & I like to call ourselves the Good Vibe Tribe, sometimes we also refer to ourselves as PLUR Warriors. But ultimately we remain, overall, a very positive group of people. We consider each other family. Trust me we all have our bad moments, but when you can turn to one of these people you know has a good attitude & positive outlook in life, you can turn any frown upside down. Energy is kinetic it flows from one person to another & so on down the line. If your energy is negative, that is what you are spreading into the world & vice versa if your energy is positive.

It is easier to spread light in a world of darkness. Darkness is the absence of light, not the other way around. Take a pitch black room with no windows or doors. Total blackness, you see nothing. Something so much as the flicker of a match can light up the whole room. So take the easy route… spread joy, kindness, acceptance, unconditional love, & overall positive vibes in every area of your life! These values are key to creating a healthy lifestyle for any individual, a unified community, & a peaceful world. Are you up for the challenge? ❤